Melaka River Cruise

The Melaka River Cruise took us along the Malacca River that runs across the Malacca town. We came here after dinner and this was our last stop of the day.

Wooden water wheel

Walking along the river to the ticket counter

Casa del Rio luxurious hotel

Our boat is cruising off.

Building walls painted with art

Rainbow lights under a bridge

An amusement park by the river

Another building with wall art paintings

St. Paul's Church Ruins

We walked up the slope and climbed up the stairs to the top of St. Paul's Hill.

Ruins of St. Paul's Church

Inside the ruins

Tombstones leaning against the wall

Little plants growing on a tombstone

What's in the cage?

Money at the bottom of the cage

The Baba House

The Baba House is located in one of the units in the rows of old shophouses in Malacca. While some of its neighours are severely dilapidated, this hotel has preserved the beauty of the traditional building.

Below the windows are detailed wood cravings depicting life in the olden days.

In contrast to the common areas of the hotel, the rooms are plain and simple.

The hand wash basin is placed outside the bathroom, just next to the door to the room. On the right of the basin is the door to the bathroom.

Here's a closer look at the beautiful basin.