Ngong Ping

From our hotel in the Yau Ma Tei (油麻地) vicinity, we took the MTR from Jordan station to Tung Chung (東涌) station.

Cute cartoon on the MTR train doors to remind passengers to "mind the gap".

Then, we joined the super long queue to board the bus that will take us up the mountain to Ngong Ping (昂坪).

Directions and distances of famous landmarks around the world

Arch, near the bus-stop, which is the entrance of the path leading to the Big Buddha.

We're almost reaching the top!

View of the village from the mountain top

Statues in front of Big Buddha

After coming down the hill from the Big Buddha, we walked over to Ngong Ping Village for our lunch break and to hide from the hot summer weather.

Entrance to Ngong Ping Village (昂坪市集)

Wishing for good things in life

While we took the bus up the mountain, we took the cable car back down to Tung Chung.

It's a long way down the mountain and over the sea.

Garden Restaurant (花園酒家)

During my first trip to Hong Kong in 2007, my friend brought us to Garden Restaurant (花園酒家). And in this trip with another ground of friends, I found myself here again. This restaurant is located along Nathan Road (彌敦道) and the nearest MTR station is Yau Ma Tei (油麻地).

pan-fried carrot cake (煎芋頭糕)

rice noodle roll (腸粉)

shrimp dumpling (蝦餃)

steamed barbecue pork bun (叉燒包)

steamed chicken feet (鳳爪)

dumplings (小籠包)